During the COVID-19 crisis, LLAMA will be dedicated to helping local Lowell residents stay up to date with local news, and make sure everyone has the resources they need to get through the crisis.

A COVID-19 Fact Sheet is available in English, Spanish, French, Chinese, Urdu, Bangla, Filipino, Vietnamese, Bahasa Indonesia, Farsi, Sindhi, Telugu, and Hindi.

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Mutual Aid

LLAMA is working to match people who offer resources with those who need it in the community.

Here are some things that our own members are able to offer:

  • Delivering food and supplies to those who cannot leave the house

  • Individual childcare

  • Housing for students at closed schools

  • Immigrant and refugee support

Community Resources

Beyond individual requests, LLAMA is working to form groups to address larger scale issues and needs, including creating online social and educational resources in the community, reaching out to different communities in the city of Lowell, and start legislative/advocacy efforts in our community and state.

Along with our own efforts, we’re compiling a list of other local resources around our community.

Are we missing an offer from your business, organization or non-profit? Email us at [email protected].